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    Gentlebaby is a young Ukrainian brand of elegant suits for children aged 1 and older. The first birthday, the first photo session or any other festivity – your child will always look stylish and refined with Gentlebaby.

    Our mission is to not only create the quality product that helps babies receive the feel of taste and men’s dignity since the very young age but also grant him an opinion that being born a man is a very responsible mission on our planet.



    TM Gentlebaby treats the selection of fittings and fabrics very responsibly. We care about health and tender skin of our small customers. That’s why we thoroughly check the Quality Certificates of all fabrics that are used in the manufacturing of our suits.

    All materials and fittings are selected by our experts in a way to make a youngster not to notice what is worn on him and give him a possibility to conduct the usual way of life full of activity.

    Our suits make the body of a kid breathe and the fabrics is very light to touch, one can be in them for the entire day without harm to health.



    Building TM Gentlebaby, we’ve tried to establish our own magical manufacture. Our caring seamstresses and stylists are as if magical fairies that constantly refine their professional skills, interested in the news of child fashion and input their soul into every stage of suits manufacturing. Our friendly team is highly professional and always works in good mood. That’s why our clothes have nice and positive energy.

    Every our suit is a little masterpiece created specifically for your child. Quality control on the line is the priority of the brand Gentlebaby.

    Usually, the classical set of our suits is trousers, jacket, shirt, and stylish bow tie. TM Gentlebaby is constantly working to update own collections. That’s why a suit of your baby will be practically exclusive and unique.




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