Gift certificate by Gentlebaby -
is the most desirable present ...
It is verified by happy smiles!

There are the following denominations
of the gift certificate available:
UAH 500, UAH 1,000, UAH 1,500, and UAH 2,000.

1.The certificate allows you to buy any item in the Internet shop on the address
2.The certificate as means of payment is accepted by the Internet shop on the address and during the courier delivery in Kyiv.
3.When you make an order and want to pay for your purchase with the certificate, be sure to indicate it on the stage of making an order and also double it to our manager on the phone during the approval of our order. The certificate must be represented and handed over during the reception of the purchase.
4.The certificate has the expiration date of 6 months from the date of purchase. The date of purchase can be found out on the phone +38 044 222 66 53. After the expiration date, the certificate is annulled.
5.If the purchase amount is lower than the value of the certificate, the difference is not refundable.
6.If the purchase amount is higher than the value of the certificate, the difference may be paid by either cash or a bankcard.
7.The goods purchased using the certificate are not returnable. You can change them on the different model of the same cost if it is currently available in stock.
8.Please pay your attention that the certificate is not refundable.
9.Remember – if you are holding the certificate of Gentlebaby, it means that people love you really much!

You can buy the gift certificate on our site or contacting us by phone on the number:

(044) 222 66 53


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